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clayart breakfast show

updated fri 28 feb 97


Russel Fouts on sun 9 feb 97


>> I hate to rain on your parade, but did you notice the "additional
fee" part? While the idea sounds interesting, $13.50 USF for *breakfast* is
already pretty steep....I, for one, don't relish the idea of spending
another few bucks to watch typing appear on a screen on the wall. <<

We don't know how much it would cost yet and if you spread the cost over
all those attending the breakfast including those who would like to
participate remotely, it could easily cost less then a dollar.

I'd be willing to donate my CI$ account for a couple of hours but I think
I'm going to need it (have to test something).

>> "Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change." <<

I usually get a yearly pass.


* Russel Fouts, CI$: 100021,23,
Bruxelles, Belgium
Internet: 100021.23@CompuServe.Com

"It took more then one man to change my name to Shanghai Lil."