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clay wads/shelf leveling

updated tue 30 sep 97


Cheryl Shoemaker on sun 21 sep 97

Somebody quoted my message on this and I don't know who it was as I've been
reloading all manner of programs today and lost it. Anyway, so far as kiln
furniture wads go I'm sure all of these mixes everybody uses are just great
and probably far more appropriate for more situations than just shelf
leveling but I just happen to use something (porcelain) that is no bother to
get ahold of (always hundreds of pounds of it sitting around), takes next to
zero prep time and no it does *not* stick to my kiln furniture because of
the sand I embed in it. How's that for a run on sentence? Maybe I
actually need to say you want a material that will not overfire at your
firing temperature. I assume that's what all these alumina mixes are about.
I don't care what anybody uses personally, however not everything needs to
be complex ... or even somewhat complex. Sometimes simple works just fine.

Cheryl Shoemaker
Charleston, SC