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clay shrinkage, insurance for shows

updated tue 30 apr 96


John Tilton on mon 1 apr 96

Why does a thick piece of clay shrink more than a thin one?

For instance a 6X6X1/2 inch tile will shrink more than one 6X6X1/4.

A thick casting will shrink more than a thin one.

If I throw what look like identical pots, but one is of 10 pounds and the other
is of 11 pounds, the 11 pound one will end up smaller, both in the drying and in
the firing.

Finally, when making lids, one of the variables is the relative thickness of
both the pot and the lid. A relatively thick lid will end up smaller after
firing, and a relatively thin one may be hopelessly stuck.

So, does anyone know why?


As for shows without insurance, I just do not apply.

In my mind, insurance is one of the costs of doing business in a responsible
way. It not only protects the artists, but it also protects the people running
the show. I bet if something happened to some of the work at the Strictly
Functional Pottery National that Jean would feel personally responsible. She has
ties to these people-----how do you call someone up and say, " Your work was
destroyed" and not feel really bad? If you have insurance you still feel
bad-----but it's a different kind of bad.

John Tilton
Alachua, Fl