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clay pricing, that telephone thing

updated mon 31 mar 97


Jonathan Kaplan on wed 5 mar 97

The issue is not whether you mix your own clay or have it mixed. It doesn't
matter if you can be assured of results that you expect. And I would refer
you to a piece that I authored for Tony's Insight Web Page that addresses
this issue in depth. I certainly don't need to strut my stuff, but this is
important and worthwhile reading

Vince is correct in that we need to put our efforts in what we do best. If
making clay is what you do best, do it. I would rather devote my energies
to making pots and running my business.

We also need to include the price of freight in clay prices. Without this
added cost, your numbers for clay per pound is un realistic. While it is
true that clay is the cheapest part of what we do, it is a very important
part of price structure and must be accounted for. Check out the Q and A in
this months Ceramics Monthly in which I address this point.

Telephone calls and the incessant ringing of the same is an unfortunate
necessity. If you dont't have the luxury of office help, get an answering
machine and word your incoming message that you will return all call at a
certain time of the day. Let the machine do your work for you. And get a
caller ID machine and service. Don't let the phone and its interruptions
ruin your work day. Makings pots as a business whether ina small studio or
in a large one requires that if you are the main individual responsible for
your shops output, use your time wisely. Be a consumate professional in
everything you do that is related to your business.


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