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clay classes in charleston?

updated sun 30 jun 96


Tamsin A. Whitehead on tue 11 jun 96

A non-computerised friend has asked if I could make an enquiry as to what
there might be available in the way of ceramics classes in Charleston,
South Carolina this autumn. She is going to be there in Sept and Oct and
is already getting withdrawal symptoms at the thought of being away from
her classes here! We would be grateful for any info.


Nottingham NH

mark4art on wed 12 jun 96

Check with the College of Charleston Art Department. They operate a
fairly active art program and are available on-line.

Mark Richard Leach
Curator of Twentieth Century Art
Mint Museum of Art
Charlotte, North Carolina

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Lori Leary on wed 12 jun 96

Here are some suggestions:

Try the Gibbes Museum Studio classes....I took some classes there a few years ag
have different instructors now, but I am still hearing good things. You can rea
Gibbes Studio
76 Queen St.
Charleston S.C. 29401

You may also want to try here:

McCauley Pottery Studio and Gallery
54 Old Trolley Rd.
Summerville, S.C. 29485
Alison does wonderful work, and while I have not taken a class from her, I've he
her classes are very good. Summerville is about 20 miles from Charleston.

Charleston is a wonderful place....I've adopted it as my home. There's somethin
everyone. If your friend wants any sightseeing tips or suggestions, I'll be gla
help, just email me privately.

Hope this helps!

Jim Connell on wed 12 jun 96

WINTHROP UNIVERSITY Electronic Mail Message
Date: 12-Jun-1996 01:41pm EDT
From: James Connell
Dept: Art and Design
Tel No: 323-2126

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Subject: RE: Clay Classes in Charleston?

Chaleston,SC is a wonderful city high on my list of most beautiful and
interesting cities in the US. However from what I have heard there is very
little in the way of clay guilds or classes to jump into. The College of
Charleston has virtually no pottery classes and the only thing I can recommend
is the classes that are attached to the Gibbs Museum. The Gibbs is the art
museum and there is a house next to it that has various art classes. The clay
studio is small and not as active as it could be. Depending on what you are
looking for it might fit your needs. I would write the Gibbs for more info.
I don't have the address but the name and the city should be enough on the
envelope to get it delivered.

Jim on thu 13 jun 96

The Gibbes Art Center, affiliated with the Gibbes Museum, has classes in
ceramics. Don't know the number but I'm sure you can find a listing in the
telephone book. Charleston is full of people who do art so just stop in a
gallery or studio and ask for sources. There is also a craft cooperative
that I have visited that includes some potters. I envy you. I'm two hours
away from Charleston, and wishing I were a lot closer.
Good luck!