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clay class or studio in nyc?

updated thu 31 jul 97 on fri 11 jul 97

1. does anyone know of a good place to take a clay class(either pottery or
hand build), in manhattan during the summer.
both of the places i know (parsons&greenwhich house) son't operate untill

2. another option is sharing a studio . any offers? on fri 11 jul 97

I use to take classes at Earthwork, it is located at 81th street and
Broadway, I loved the classes there.
I belive the 92nd street Y and 65 or 67 ? street Y also offer classes.

Ya-Shih Hart

Karen Gringhuis on sun 13 jul 97

Try the 92nd St. "Y". Frank & Polly Martin are "good people!"
Karen Gringhuis