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updated fri 31 jan 97


elle and md on thu 9 jan 97


Clay Class for Schoolages 6-12
Instructor Beth Holyoke
Wed. 3:45-5:45pm
John Bryan Pot Shop
$65.00 Arts Council members $70.00 non-members
For kids who would like to create with clay. Many sculpture and pottery
ideas will be introduced. Children may choose their own projects. We
will use red and white clay, the slab roller and the potter's wheel.

Handbuilding for kids ages 8-12
Instuctor Kim Hohlmayer
Jan 23-March 13
Thurs. 5:45-6:45pm
John Bryan Pot Shop
$45.00 AC members $50.00 non-members
Learn to make bird houses, rattles, bowls, banks and more using your
hands and a few simple tools. Great for beginners and advancd students.

Parent/Child Class(3-6 years)
Instructor Sherry Sapier
Jan 21 -March 11
Tuesday 3:30-5:30 pm
John Bryan pot Shop
$100.00 AC members $105.00 non-members $20.00 extra for
parent attending.
An experience in clay for parents and children to share together. You
and your child can learn the basic techniques of handbuilding.

Parent/Child Class(ages 7 and up)
Instuctor Sherry Sapier
Jan 23 - March 13
thurs. 3:30- 5:30
John Bryan Pot Shop
$100.00 for AC members $105.00 for non-members $20.00 eatra for
additional parent attending.
A bonding experience in clay for parents and children to share together.
Learn the techniques of handbuilding

Beginning Wheel Throwing Ages 13-17
Instuctor Michelle Sholtis
Jan 20 - March 10
Monday 4 - 6pm
John Bryan Pot Shop
$75.00 AC members $80.00 nonmembers
Throwintg skills for basic shapes of cylinders and bowls as well as the
form with decorative handles, carvings and other surface decorations.

Beginning Clay class (Adult)
Instructor Justin Teilhet
Jan22 - March 12
Wed. 6:00 - 8:30pm
John Bryan Pot Shop
$70.00 AC members $75.00 nonmembers
Justin will be teaching wheel-throwing, texturing, design and glazing.

All in One Clay Class
Instuctor Kevin Tunstall
Jan 21 - March 11
Tues. 6:30 - 9:00pm
John Bryan Pot Shop
$67.00 AC members $72.00 non-members
This class is for those who have always wanted to learn to throw or
those who have some experience throwing, but need their skills upgraded.
Experiment with new hand-building techniques. Tile making for use in
hanging or in house surface design i.e., counter tops or wall tiles.

To register call : Rebecca Ramsey Fenton 937-767-2761 or
Beryl Schicker 937-767-7387