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cherry creek and kiln purchase question

updated sat 31 aug 96


Richard Aerni on fri 23 aug 96

At 04:02 PM 8/21/96 EDT, Eleanora Eden wrote:
>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>Will somebody please send me the address and due date for the Cherry
>Creek fair?

Hi Eleanora,

Cherry Creek's address is 201 Fillmore Street, Suite 200, P.O. Box 6265,
Denver, CO 80206. Tel (303) 355-2787; Fax (303) 355-2788. The show is held
around the time of the 4th of July holiday weekend. I'm not sure when the
applications are due, but it would make sense if it were in the Jan/Feb time

They encourage all exhibitors to fill out a lengthy and comprehensive
questionaire every year, the results of which are mailed to exhibitors
sometime in the near future. I'll let you know if they're planning any
major changes for next year. One thing which will change is the
management--Bill Charney, who organized and directed the show for it's first
five years, resigned his position in the week following this year's show.
What that will mean to the show only time will tell.

Now on to the kiln part. For a number of years I've had but one kiln in my
studio--a 65+ cubic foot gas downdraft. This limits me in some ways, as
it's too risky to try new firing techniques and schedules when there is so
much work within. So, I'm going to get a smaller (18-20 cubic foot) gas
downdraft to play with. I've always built my own kilns, with good results,
but am thinking of going with a commercial model on this occasion. I've
looked into the Bailey model, and the Geil as well. Bailey is cheaper and
closer to me here in NY, but I'm a bit leery of the forced air burner system
(I've also heard mixed reviews from other potters I've talked to). Geil
looks real good on paper; I like their natural draft burners and have heard
good reviews from other potters, but they are way far away, considerably
more expensive, and I wonder about their upright burners (do they have
problems from stuff falling into them and impeding the gas flow?) I'm
looking for input on this question from those of you who have these models,
or have used them; also, if there are other reliable commercial downdrafts
out there, I'd like to hear about them.

Thanks in advance for your input,

Richard Aerni

Richard Aerni

2975 County Road 40
Bloomfield, NY 14469

(716) 657-6045