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changing ^5-6 to ^10 question

updated sun 26 oct 97


Vikki Dow on sat 25 oct 97

Hello Again-
Please excuse my lack of knowledge about glaze formulations, but I've been
looking at posts for ^5-6 glazes, particularly "raspberry matte", and
wondering: how do you re-format a glaze intended for ^6 to be workable for
^10 (oxidation)? Do I just test it and see what happens in ^10, or is
there something I should change first (before testing and testing and
testing...)? As my partner Libby is busy throwing her beautiful pots, I'm
looking for ways to be helpful, and I'm fascinated by glaze
formulas/chemistries/mysteries (to me) - so I'm trying to understand all
this glaze stuff. I look through the books, but get a little overwhelmed.
Is there a "simple" answer to my latest question... or do I need to read
the books, take a class, etc.? Thanks for all your help. Again.

Stilltree Pottery, Oakland, CA