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cermatech '97 ---go!

updated sat 31 may 97


Karl P. Platt on fri 23 may 97

Breifly -- I'm in a hurry and I'm sorry I can't show you why.

I had a look at the webpage for this exposition.

GO. If it's possible GO.

Anywhere Bob Hawkins is going to speak is where I'd encourage any of you
to be -- I say this as one who spent several years as his student.

As well, to put any of this lead nonsense we hear too much of here to
rest, I also not that the conference will be hosting a session:


Session Chair, William C. Spangenberg, Spangenberg Consulting

No-one. Absolutely no-one knows more about lead and ceramics that Bill
Spangenberg. He's worked in the field as a Ceramic Engineer for more
than 40 years -- from the shop floor to top management. You want to know
about lead? GO

I also see Dr. Schoor from Orton will be speaking and that's also not to
be missed.

KPP -- enthused