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updated fri 28 feb 97


Vince Pitelka on mon 24 feb 97

A friend has asked me to forward arequest to the list. I expect that one of
the best library collections of ceramics magazines past and present is at
Alfred. Does anyone know where else in the Northeast they have an
especially extensive archive of ceramics magazines? Also, does anyone out
AMERICAN CRAFT) were first published? Also, if you know of any ceramics
magazines published since WWII which are no longer in print, I'd appreciate
knowing about it. Thanks for any help you can give on this project. Please
post me privately with any information.
- Vince

Vince Pitelka -
Phone - home 615/597-5376, work 615/597-6801
Appalachian Center for Crafts
1560 Craft Center Drive, Smithville TN 37166

Elca Branman on tue 25 feb 97

Your post made me think of something...Am I mistaken in assuming that
your interest in these mags is for academic purposes?
I may be moving house, home and studio in the next year, and I've
subscribed to CM sinceabout 195 something(I'm in Fla at the moment and
can't check.) They are mostly intact but some may have cut outs or tear
outs.. When the time comes to move, I suspect these will belong to my
past life, and might be useful to students..I don't think I could sell
them in good conscience because of the ones that might have been missing
items..Anyhow, if some academic institution could use them as they are,
and pay shipping costs,I think that that would be a nice solution...Let
me know.All this won't take place for a while.
Alas, I've spent my money this yearon a trip to New Zealand and here we
are in Florida, returning to NY about the time of NSECA so I will not be
seeing all the merry pranksters this year, nor will I be at the Clayart
breakfast except in spirit..Look for a dim mist over the Danish
Branman Potters
in Stone Ridge ,N.Y.
in the Hudson Valley

Sandra Dwiggins on tue 25 feb 97

Alfred would probably have a great ceramic periodical collection but you
never know---I would imagine that collection is used alot, and there may
be many issues that have just disappeared---it happens.

The Art Library at the University of Maryland College Park has back
issues of CM, Studio Potter, American Craft, and probably some others.
Haven't been there for a while. They would Interlibrary Loan articles if
requested through another member of ACRL(American College and
Research Libraries--the group for academic libraries in the US) or any
legitimate Interlibrary Loan requestor.

Other large universities that have studio art departments with well
established ceramics courses as well as art history departments and
their own art libraries would be likely candidates for back issues of main
stream journals.

If the person is going to make a visit--make sure they either call any
library they are going to visit or take a look at the holdings online first.

Sometimes you think a collection will be just great--you get there and half
the stuff is missing or in the bindery----

Karen Gringhuis on wed 26 feb 97

Vince - don't have your orig. query but a reference librarian can
sometimes tell you if they don't have a particular magazine tell
you who does - such businesses in a given field. I discovered this
when doing research on InfoTrack re medical stuff. It sounds
unlikely but stranger things have happened.

Alfred's Scholes Lib. back issues are bound & I've never heard of
anything missing. I think they'd do a xerox to you Interlib.
Loan as has been suggested. Karen Gringhuis