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ceramics in sc

updated sat 31 aug 96


bill bosworth on fri 9 aug 96

Does any one know of a place to get bricks in the south east? I live in
South Carolina. For that matter does anyone know of a ceramic supply house
in South Carolina?

Happy potting,

Lori Leary on fri 9 aug 96

I've purchased bricks from A.P. Green in Atlanta on two occasions.
They've been very pleasant both times(and were very helpful another time
when I needed an estimate for bricks for an insurance claim [but that's
*another* story].
As for as ceramic supply houses in SC go, no joy (or last I heard!). I
usually get my supplies from Highwater Clays in Asheville or from
Kickwheel or Daven's in Atlanta. You don't mention where in SC you live,
so I don't know which is more convenient for you. I'm from Atlanta, so
on my trips *home*, I always stock up.
Good luck!
Lori in Charleston, S.C.