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carlton ball satin mat ^7-9

updated mon 31 mar 97


Emily Henderson on fri 28 mar 97

Hi there all... While going through my Ball Syllabus, I came across the
following and I wondered if anyone had tried it?

neph sy 15.4
whiting 13.3
kaolin 8.6
Barium Carb 6.6

I was thinking of recalculating for strontium at:

feldspar 57.04
neph sy 15.65
whiting 13.52
kaolin 8.74
strontium carb 5.03

I assume he used this in oxidation. I know he fired over clays that came
from Quyle Kilns in Murphys CA so the stuff was an iron buff stoneware.
Emily in Astoria where it's raining, again...