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carl borgeson/charlie olson workshops

updated mon 30 jun 97


Vince Pitelka on thu 5 jun 97

The Brad Schwieger workshop at the Appalachian Center for Crafts is now
full, and my Colored Clay workshop only has one space left. The Rosalie
Wyncoop Maiolica workshop and the Steve Robison Kathy Guss Soda Firing
workshop the following week both have some spaces left.

During the third week of the first session we have a oaur if workshops by
Carl Borgeson and Charlie Olson. Carl and Charlie have both taught for many
years at University of Wisconsin - River Falls. Both are remarkable potters
with broad experience and expertise. Both have a very soft-spoken and
accessible personal nature, and are wonderful in the workshop environment.
Carl will be focusing on covered vessles, and I expect that much of the work
will be raku fired, because that is one of Carl's specialties. Charlie is
going to deal with simple moldmaking issues with wheel-thrown forms, but
expect a smorgasbord of great ceramics information. We expect that both
groups will work with both Charlie and Carl during the week, so participants
will really get their money's worth. (Of course, ALL of our workshop
participants get their money's worth!!!!) I do want to stress that this is
a unique opportunity for anyone wanting an intense immersion in good
practical studio pottery information and technique with two very easy-going
but very inspiring and knowledgeable potters.

The workshop costs $200, and room and board in our housing units costs
another $200. Please email or phone me if you have questions. The listing
of the rest of our workshops follows. Siglinda Scarpa's tilemaking workshop
is full.
- Vince

Vince Pitelka -
Phone - home 615/597-5376, work 615/597-6801
Appalachian Center for Crafts
1560 Craft Center Drive, Smithville TN 37166

June 9-13
Brad Schwieger - "Thrown and Altered Forms"
Vince Pitelka - "Slab Forms with Colored Clays"

June 16-20
Rosalie Wynkoop - "Maiolica Decoration"
Stephen Robison and Kathleen Guss - "Soda Firing"

June 23-27
Charlie Olson - "Thrown Forms and Moldmaking"
Carl Borgeson - "Covered Vessels"

July 7-11
Steve Branfman - "Thrown Form and Surface for Raku"
Siglinda Scarpa - "Tille-Making and Mosaics"

July 14-18
Nancy Selvin - "Exploration with Color and Form"
Vince Pitelka - "Ancient Clay"

July 21-25
Michelle Coakes - "Working with Stacked Forms"
Stephen Robison and Kathleen Gus - "Exploring Teapots"