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call for submissions to international exhibition

updated thu 31 jul 97


Steven Goldate on thu 10 jul 97

Dear Clayarters!

This is a call for submissions to an exhibition of 'virtual ceramics' to be
held in Melbourne, Australia. Following is the text from the 'Craft is Dead
- Long Live Craft' web site, at
I would like to ask anybody who is doing digital work, or know anybody doing
digital work, to get in touch with me directly, by e-mailing to
Steven Goldate,

Call for Submissions!

Are the traditional crafts a dying breed, being replaced by digital work?
What is out there? Probably a world's first, the international exhibition
Craft is Dead - Long Live Craft! will be a survey of national and
international virtual craft, to be held at the Craft Victoria Gallery
(Melbourne, Australia) as part of the 1998 Next Wave Festival. 'Virtual
Craft' meaning computer art or digital art with a craft background, or craft
work with a digital background.

Due to the nature of digital work, the exhibition hopes to transcend
geographical boundries, with artists from any part of the globe
participating. It is also hoped that craft objects with a digital influence
will also be submitted internationally.

At this stage, the curator, Steven Goldate is seeking visual submissions
from artists wishing to participate. These could be in the form of an
existing web site, or e-mailed or snail mailed images. If you are interested
in the show or have further questions, please send an e-mail message to Steven.
For your further information please check out the following web sites,
although the artwork shown should not be seen as exclusive or suggestive in
any way, rather just to stimulate interest:

Imagined Landscapes: The Tasman Map Reconfigured

Jeroen Bechtold's Virtual Clay

K. Inoue's Virtual Ceramics

I hope to be hearing from lots of you virtual craft artists out
there real soon!

Steven Goldate

URLs of interest:

Craft is Dead - Long Live Craft!
CLAYNET -a forum for international ceramic art:

CerCoN -Virtual Ceramics Competition:

Tasman Map Reconfigured -hybrid computer art & ceramics:

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