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c10 glazes

updated fri 31 may 96


Sam Waagen on sat 25 may 96

I have a blue chun glaze that I have a slight pinholing problem. The
glaze body probably requires some adjustment since my pots are dust
free and soaked at the end of firing. Possibly someone has a similar
glaze or can suggest changes. The glaze formula I have obviously has
been adjusted. I also have a Navy Blue glaze with gold speckles that
seems to have to an inordinate amount of chemicals. Can you suggest
changes. Both of these are lovely glazes. The first is a shiney
lavenderish-blue opalescent look (yellow too thin, runs if too thick);
the second is a shiney dark navy blue with gold flecks at cone 10. If
underfired there are too many gold flecks and overfired none.
Blue Chun (c10): potash spar 48, flint 30, gerstley Borate 10, Dolomite
10, Whiting 3.33, Ball 3.33; Zinc 2, Barium C. 5, Rutile 5. Also if I
want it slightly more opaque, what do I do?
Navy with Gold Flecks(c10): potash feldspar 40, flint(325) 25, Gerstely
Borate 10, Dolomite 10, Frit 3110 5, EPK 5, whiting 5; cobalt Carb. 2,
red Iron 2.