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brian smith/mesa az

updated fri 8 jul 05


Joyce Lee, Jim Lee on fri 2 may 97

Does anybody have an address, e or snail, for Brian Smith, potter from
Mesa, Arizona? I bought a lovely teapot from him (after the kiln
opening of the Jack Troy workshop) which he kept for "a while" to make
slides etc. I haven't heard from him since then and am fearful that he
has lost my address information. Great potter, lovely pot, wonderful
woodfiring workshop experience. Thanks for any information you may

Listening to the mournful tones of the wind in the Mojave...and
listening...and listening...STOP IT NOW!

jeff bouton on thu 7 jul 05

Hi, I too have been looking for brian smith....I spent a lot of time with
him in college and have lost track of his whereabouts....did you ever find
him?? I hope you got your teapot. brian smith is a hard name to search
for on the net. please let me know either way. thanks Jeff.