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updated fri 28 feb 97


Carol E Mayer on thu 20 feb 97

Hello list

A New book: The Potter's Art. This book is a collections of essays that
use a collection of 15th - 19th
century European
tin-glaze and lead-glaze wares as a base for an investigation of European
ceramics. Art/Social/Medical historians, curators, a heraldic
specialist, an anthropologist, archaeologist and, of course, a potter
contribute to this 224 page book with 152 b/w photos. If you are
interested in acquiring this book or want more info please contact me.
Cost $49.95 (Cdn)

Are you interested in a "yet to be" book: We, at the the POtters Guild
of B.C. are
working on a book that will include the
history of pottery as an important craft in British Columbia,
biographies and works of over 100
potters (with photos), info on guilds and a glossary of terms. The last
time anything
was done on ourhistory was about 20 years ago. This is a grass
roots endeavour - The models we are using are the British andAustralian guides
of interest beyond our borders yet we have to decide pretty quickly how
many to print. Could you let us know whether you would find such a book
of interest? We're not looking for orders, just interest (honest!).
Also, if any of you out there have done this kind of thing before - any
advice would be most welcome.

Carol E. Mayer (hat 1)
Curator of Ceramics
UBC Museum of Anthropology

Carol E. Mayer (hat 2)
Board Member
POtters Guild of B.C.

phone 604-822-8224
fax: 604-822-2974 on sat 22 feb 97

You have a very large project on hand. Our Guild tried to build a similar
inventory of potters with photos and we found that many potters don`t have
the time or the equipment to take good photos. We received very few
dossiers. I personally have never tried to do anything like this but I
believe that your project has the possiblity to apply for and get a
Government grant. Have you looked at this possibility?

I would be interested in knowing the approx price of your book so that I can
start saving my pennies.

Best regards
Terrance F Lazaroff
St Hubert, Quebec, Canada!!!!