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books in perth

updated thu 31 oct 96


RB & LA Klopper on wed 2 oct 96

Hi Jan,

If you tell your niece to go to:- Jacksons Ceramic Crafts, 94 Jersy Street,
Jollimont. Phne 09 38488. They have quite a good supply of Pottery books
and magazines.

Also The Potters Market, 185 Stockdale Road, O'Connor. Phone 09337 6888.

Both of these places have a full supply of pottery equipment as well.

Lorraine in Sunny Perth.

Russell and Lorraine Klopper Phone 619-3396067
38 Allen Street Fax 619-3519443
East Fremantle
Western Australia E-Mail
(See our Total Flower Export web page at

Klopper Pottery Phone 619-3363779
3 Banister Street
Fremantle Western Australia