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updated tue 31 dec 96


Shelley S. on sat 21 dec 96

While we're on the subject of book reviews, can anyone give details on
what's in Tudball's "Soda Glazing" book? Is it worth purchasing as a
technique book?



Marcia Selsor & Matt Benacquista on sun 22 dec 96

Ruthanne Tudball's Soda Glazing book is very informative. It has good
color photo's of many people's work and several pages of those people's
recipes. It also gives technical info on what excactly happens with soda
and the clays. Covers firing, kilns , and introducing the soda into the
As part of the Ceramics Handbooks series from A&C Press in London
and University of Penn. press in Phila. it continues the consistency
of solid, informative technical books.(but not too technical)
I am using it as a text for a soda firing techniques workshop I am
teaching this January. I think it is well worth the price even though
it is a small paperback, it is full of good info and great photos.
Marcia in Montana
Marci Selsor
Matt Benacquista