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updated sun 19 apr 98


ARTMOLIN@ACS.EKU.EDU on thu 11 sep 97

I'd like to point out in this discussion of ceramic textbooks that
the Glenn Nelson book on Ceramics is about to come out with (in a year, I
think) a new edition. BUT, the author has changed and the new book
is being written by Richard Burkett. I believe he is working closely
with Glenn on the next edition, after which he will be the sole author of
this text. I think it is safe to say that this highly regarded textbook
will continue to serve the ceramics community with Richard at the helm,
and in fact, I expect to see new additions in this book that will
reflect Richard's vast experience with cyberspace. Also, health and
safety concerns will certainly be well covered, I'm sure.

I understand he has all the visuals selected for this text, but anyone
wishing to receive more info about the book may want to direct queries
to him personally. And, perhaps he will be able to keep us all updated
as to when we may find it on the bookshelves.


Joe Molinaro INTERNET:
Department of Art BITNET: artmolin@eku
Eastern Kentucky University VOICE: (606) 622-1634
Richmond, KY 40475

Martin Schiller on fri 12 sep 97

I recently thumbed thru a book by Leon Nigrosh and realized that it was
an exceptional complete reference.

warm regards,

SBRANFPOTS on wed 21 jan 98

Recent posts could use some answers. "Finding Ones Way With Clay" has now been
re-issued and has a very mortal list price of $26.50. No need to pay
collectors prices. "A Potters Portfolio" by Bernard Leach was published in
1951 by Pittman Publishing, NY in association with the Institue Of
Contemporary Arts in Washington DC. Neither institution exists today in the
same form. The book is VERY rare and commands VERY high prices.

Steven Branfman
The Potters Shop

SBRANFPOTS on sat 18 apr 98

The name of the whistle book is "Clay Whistles" and there is an accompanying
video. We have a few books on Beatrice Wood: "I Shock Myself", "Playing Chess
With The Heart", and "Touching Certain Things". Non are about her work, they
are all about her life and person. We did have a catalog of an exhibition of
her sculpture at The Oakland Museum but that is now sold out and out of print.

Steven Branfman
The Potters Shop