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beware using salt for effects, late

updated mon 31 mar 97


Stefan Jansson on thu 27 mar 97

>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>Lottie Eriksson in Sweden wrote
>try solving salt (tablesalt or whatever) in water and add copper oxide or
>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>Please be very careful with salt, at higher temps it starts giving off Chlorine
>Please Clayarters when giving advice such as that above include the health
>hazard warnings. Do not assume anything. ... Ralph

thank you for reminding me of the hazardous effects. I thought pitfiring
was a lowfire thing and i did not realise you had to stay around it all the
time. There is no swedish/english dictionary for ceramics! The firing I did
using this salt/coppersolution was outside and the temperature did not get
that high and I would have thought the amounts of salt were too small to
cause any harm. Also we did not have to stand close to the firing that
often. I will be more careful the next time, both when I write and when I
If anyone has something to say to me about this, please e-mail me
privately, because I am pausing clayart right now of reasons that might be
obvious as I did not read Ralphs message until now. I have hundreds of
unread messages...
Lottie Eriksson in Sweden