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beware using salt for effects

updated mon 31 mar 97


Fay & Ralph Loewenthal on mon 10 mar 97

Lottie Eriksson in Sweden wrote
try solving salt (tablesalt or whatever) in water and add copper oxide or
karbonate and paint the pots with this, then wrap each one of them with
leaves, old t-shirts, paper or whatever. I did this in another kind of
firing that I think could be similar to pitfiring (there has to be some
oxygen, not totally reduced) and got really nice red, blue, green. (but no
Please be very careful with salt, at higher temps it starts giving off =
gas - very poisonous. Not the sort of gas to have floating around school
Please Clayarters when giving advice such as that above include the health
hazard warnings. Do not assume anything. I thought I knew about the health
risks, but I realise now that if I know 10=25 I am lucky. Just trying to err=
the side of safety Ralph