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beware using salt fo

updated mon 31 mar 97


Monona Rossol on thu 13 mar 97

Shauna Mulvihill wrote:

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> We have cone 10 stoneware salt firings at our school once per semester.
> I usually help fire and always throw in the salt. At what temperature
> does the salt give off chlorine gas? I've noticed very strong fumes
> that hurt when inhaled; are these such poisonous fumes? <

They used to hurt my lungs when I fired, too. As others on the list have
pointed out, it is hydrochloric acid mixed with a few other things that you
are inhaling. They are not very good for you lungs because they are quite
corrosive. The acid can cause severe problems such as acute bronchitis if
you are over-exposed. I hope no kids with asthma or lung problems are let
anywhere near this project.

What bothers me is that your question clearly indicates that your teacher
needs to go back to school. He/she has no business teaching a hazardous
process like this without educating all the students involved about the

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