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best temperature for smoke effect

updated sat 30 nov 96


Russel Fouts on sun 24 nov 96


There is, that's my question. I'd like to try to optimize the time the pots are
actually taking in smoke.

What is the best temperature to get the best effect from a smoke firing? I
imagine that it depends somewhat on the clay being used (body, sigilatta). I
also imagine that it's somewhere between the burning point of the material and
the vitrification point of the clay. ;-)

Is the body taking in smoke even when cooling down? I know about reduction
cooling but I think that smoking isn't really reduction.

I've been smoking at 500c but can go as high as 700-750c (when the aluminium
foil gets a bit flakey).

Russel (It's actually been sunny for the last 15 minutes!)


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