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beginners mind questions

updated sun 26 oct 97


centa uhalde on sat 25 oct 97

I have a couple of questions (new to the field):

1. I'm wanting to find a cone 5 satin or transparent matt (not sure the
difference) already in existence (commercial) that I can add colorant to
and that doesn't crawl (I think that is the term). I would like to explore
sgraffito and inlay of glazes with a good base glaze. I've never mixed
glazes so I don't want to reinvent the wheel, so to speak.

2. I've heard mostly good reports about the Bailey slab roller except from
someone who I think said that the bigger Baileys rolled slabs that were
uneven from sidfe to side, (it's been a while but I believe that was the
complaint). Any pros/cons comments on the 24" and 30" rollers?

3. I'm also in the market for a new/used electric wheel in the midrange.
1/2 a horse is what I have been advised, to be able to do sizable but not
heavy duty production. Any recommendations? Any better for posture than
others? Am concerned with issues of repetitive motion and not geeting into
strange contorted shapes to throw.