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updated sun 31 mar 96


Axner on wed 13 mar 96

Dear Barbara,

One of the nicest books on Electric firing is ELECTRIC KILN CERAMICS 2nd
edition: A POTTER'S GUIDE TO CLAYS & GLAZES by Richard Zakin. It is kind
of expensive to start with though (about $40), but good reference material
is always worth the price.

A lot more inexpensive alternative is a paperback book GLAZE PROJECTS by
Richard Behrens A formulary of leadless glazes.
It is only about $4.00. The Forward in the book states:

"Much of the contents of this handbook first appeared in Ceramics Monthly
magazine. This, along with new material, represents a number of years of
experimental work in the lavoratory, as well as use in the pottery studio.
Since a fairly wide range of glaze types and firing levels are involved in
the formularies, it is hoped that the artist--potter will find some that
are of special interest, along with some guidance that will help in the
creation of his own glazes."

I've scanned this book, and it gives a good over-view.

Hope this helps.

Judy at Axner