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beauty,more gibberish

updated wed 31 jul 96


Bob Pulley on mon 1 jul 96

I seem to agree with about everyone on this subject until I read a rebutal
and then it becomes clear how foolish the previous person was. Not such a
clear thinker myself, nevertheless I feel like putting in my voice.

I would like to suggest that some of our sense of aethetics comes from
charged life experience with forms in nature. I imagine these prefernces
for form and relationships soaking in very abstractly. I guess I am
thinking about preferences for proportion, relationships of textures and
lines that come from our bodies, growing plants and vegetables, geologic
forms and so on. Perhaps we develope certain senses of what is "right"
because these forms and relationships reflect the action of natural forces
of growth, resistance, tension, tropism,and other material responses to
forces of nature. If our creations are not in tune with these forces then
they may be expressive but will not be harmonious.

What do you think?

Bob Pulley

Robert Pulley