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updated sun 30 jun 96


Leslie Ihde on fri 28 jun 96

I think that beauty in it's best artistic form, speaks tothe essence and
not the idiosyncratic. The greatest art addresses human moments we can
all relate to. If you have to try and figure out what it is, I don't
think it's art. I'm thinking of Picasso's mother and child paintings, or
Rembrant's portraits- you look into the faces of one of these paintings
and you see humanity.

In pottery, I think simplicity of function is useally beautiful. When
there is no excess, and the form is just enough, in a graceful way, to
acomodate function, it is beautiful.

Vestal, NY

Arturo Devitalis on sun 30 jun 96

My two cents worth...that's why God made everyone with visual differences -
for every Jack there is a Jill, and vice-versa. Absolute standards are
bogus..chk what is beautiful in aborigines culture.
Arturo DeVitalis

June Perry on sun 30 jun 96

Beauty is a positive emotional response to what is experienced through ones
sensory capabilities.

June Perry
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