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beautiful pot (closure)

updated thu 31 jul 97


Dan Wilson on wed 16 jul 97

I'm going off list again for awhile so I thought in closing I'd leave you
with part of a story. Its about the rudiments of art and I think it applies
here. Thanks for all your input. I've enjoyed being able to talk with you.
Special thanks to all who wrote me personaly with words of encouragement.

The Rudiments of Art

Q: Are they introduced early and practiced...

A. My first effort in this regard came as a teacher - in the spring when
everything is fresh and we could all get outside. Its our habit to make em
line up before we go anywhere and this wasn't gonna be any different except
I suggested they form an "expressive" line before we go out. I could see
they were confused so I explained what an "expressive" line might look
like. Well, I found the smiles and enthusiasm gratifying as I watched them
deciding individualy and as a group just how "expressive" this line was
gonna be. It didn't take long before they all formed the most beautiful
line you ever saw snaking from the door to the blackboard in the back of
the room. "Now thats an expressive line." I said smiling from the front of
the room. " Matisse would be proud. Before we go though, maybe we should
give it some color just to spice it up. I want each of you to repeat the
word "orange" at the same time as all of the others while we make our way
outside." Thats when things really began to happen as each of them began
chanting "Orange." At first it was a confusion of sounds as each child
said their piece while listening to the others to find the cadence and the
rythm. It did take some time cause Billy and that Tom Carter kept jumpin
around and slappin each other on the arms while saying "blue" or "red" or
"purple" tryin to see who could out-do the other in their own little game
of color interraction. In the interests of creativity I suggested that they
stop that foolishness and fall in line with the group. Well, if looks could
kill I guess I wouldn't be tellin you this now cause Tom Carter shot me
with a powerful glance that told me that he wasn't gonna be happy doin
things like every one else. I didn't let him take control of the situation
though, you can't do that. I just stared right back with my own powerful
glance, thinkin that this test of wills was the best thing a teacher could
hope for. I won after a brief struggle. Tom fell in with the others in
resignation and Billy followed his lead. With that done, I raised my hands
with the palms up signifying my desire for them to raise their voices until
the level was suitable; then I pointed to the door. Well we all snaked down
the hallway, each of us chanting "orange, orange" and although it was
difficult to maintain the integrity of this expressive line, everyone could
see we were attempting something important here and made their best effort.
I can say that there was even a moment of harmony here and there. When we
got outside the first thing we did was explore shape by forming a circle
and linking hands. It was a sight to see, in my mind, them holding hands,
skipping sideways. Spinning, spinning, spinning....round the tetherball
pole in the yellow sun, chanting "Blue". Except for Tom Carter. Little
devil kept running around in the circle hollerin "Stop it. Stop it"

Dan Wilson Bye for now