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batman is a beginner

updated fri 24 oct 97


Clennell on wed 1 oct 97

>This has always been my favorite beef on clayart..........the use of bats.
>The amount of time wasted by beginners and others dealing with cleaning,
>watering, making, storing, and drying bats drives me nuts.
>Don Jones

Dear Don: I 've been making pots for a long time and I think bats are
worth the trouble. Just to drop a few names here, I worked with Mick Casson
in England and he told a story of going to Texas to do a workshop. There
was a Texan there that would throw plates, cut them off, roll them up like
a burrito then throw them on the table so that they would go back to there
normal shape. Mick had been amazed that it seemed to work. He then went on
to say that he had always admired the skill and wisdom of Harry Davis.
Probably one of the best production throwers of this century. Maybe, maybe
not, Issac Button was not bad either. Harry was a batman. Harry used bats
and said of people that didn't use them " Why build in distortion?"
If you had ever seen Harry throw I can't imagine him wasting much time. I
saw him give a workshop where a women literally sneezed and missed seeing
him make a teacup.
Besides bats eat mosquitoes.


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