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barbara gonzales workshop

updated tue 30 sep 97


Jonathan Kaplan on mon 29 sep 97

A late posting but nonetheless:

Barbara Gonzales, (Tahn-Moo-Wee) the great granddaughter of San Ildefonso
native American potter Maria Martinez is giving a week workshop in
traditional black on black pottery making in Steamboat Springs Colorado the
week of September 29. Her husband and children and also potters and are
continuing to make pottery.

The workshop is a credited course through Colorado Mountain College and
facilities are provided by Ceramic Design Group Ltd. Grant money for the
workshop was obtained by local artists Eileen Braziel and Pam Burwell.

The one week workshop will consist of clay preparation, pottery making and
decoration, and the final pit firing on Friday. The Steamboat Springs Arts
Council will host a gallery exhibition of the work produced in the workshop
as well as the work of Barbara Gonzoles and her husband Robert with an
opening Friday evening.

Jonathan Kaplan
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970-879-9139 POB 775112
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Steamboat Springs, Colorado 80477, USA CALL before faxing

Plant Location: 30800 Moffat Avenue #13 Steamboat Springs Co 80487
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sandra m benscoter on tue 30 sep 97


I'm looking for info on another potter from the San Ildefonso Pueblo:
Elizabeth Lorato. I have a beautiful seed pot that I purchased several
years ago. If anyone can help, I would appreciate the assistance.