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australian ceramicsschools

updated fri 31 jan 97


Jesper Arvidson on sun 19 jan 97


My girlfriend and I are planning a trip to Cairns where I would like to
dive and she would like to do some ceramics.

But, we can't find any information about ceramicsschools in Cairns or
near Great Barrier Reef so our hope is that some of you have some
contacts to such schools.

Please hurry to mail back. We are very excited !!!

Anine & Jesper

KEMPB on mon 20 jan 97

Anine and Jesper,
Try contacting the Australiann magazine Pottery in
Australia. They should be able to help you

I visited a pottery just north of Cairns and they offer live in workshops of
varying periods....but I can't remember the name of the place.
Good Luck. You'll love the Cairns area. It's great

Brian Kemp. Singapore