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astable refractory soda kiln

updated tue 30 sep 97


William Latshaw on sun 14 sep 97


We're about to build a castable refractory Soda kiln and would
appreciate any comments about what mix works best. The primary
question seems to be: add vermiculite or not. In the book "Soda
Glazing" a reference is made to eliminating the vermiculite because it
made the mix too crumbly.

Also some folks use Kyanite in the mix,
which seems like a good idea as far as thermal shock resistance goes.

Finally, One mix listed an alumina cement, while others just added
Alumina Hydrate - any advantage.

Has anyone got one of these kilns that has withstood hundreds of

Thanks for your help!

William Latshaw
PO Box 1073
Ashland, OR 97520