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artist-in-residence & kid classes

updated fri 31 jan 97


Cummings Pottery on tue 7 jan 97

Hi Lynette ,
I have lost your original post, so I will post this to the whole
group and you can reply private if you like.
I do many artist-in-residence projects in our local school district.
I mostly work with the k-5 kids, but have middle school experience as well
(shudder). I have done several tile projects and would love to talk with
you more. What age group are you working with? Do you have a theme? How
many kids in the project? I usually have a conference with the teacher/s
before hand to help me with the planning. In our program the artist is
treated as a special guest, and the teacher's responsibility is to maintain
discipline, and to make sure all the artists needs are met. It is
understood that I am a visiting professional artist, not a teacher. We have
an excellent program that I would be glad to talk about with any interested
people. It is completely parent generated, with the support of the district,
the Allied Arts, and the community.
I would also love to share info with anyone working with teaching
kids. I teach after school classes, and have a very good curriculum, but I
could use some new project ideas. I teach basic handbuilding techniques
through fun projects. Want to share ideas?
Pat in soggy Washington State, recoverying from what the
local newscasters like to call "THE HOLIDAY BLAST OF 1996"
( o o )
Vashon Is., Wa. ***Pat***

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