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artist's contracts

updated wed 30 apr 97


Greg Lamont on wed 16 apr 97

Dear Clayarters,

I have a gallery interested in my work (hallelujah!). As I have not had any
previous dealings with galleries, could any of you who have direct me to a
source where I can learn about formulating a contract? Are there any
"sample" contracts available on the WWW for downloading? Books? Advice on
formulating a contract for dealing with galleries, etc. In short, I'm
looking for any and all advice you all might offer.
TIA, Greg

J./B. Moore on thu 17 apr 97

At 07:58 AM 4/16/97 EDT, you wrote:
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>Dear Clayarters,
>I have a gallery interested in my work (hallelujah!). As I have not had any
>previous dealings with galleries, could any of you who have direct me to a
>source where I can learn about formulating a contract?

Call your nearest chapter of the Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts--they have
samples. There is also a good book by Tad Crawford called THE
discusses contracts but also the Uniform Commercial Code that applies in the
absence of a contract. Also, I have some articles from various periodicals
(Sculpture, etc.) that discuss more in detail. Your state may have separate
laws for art consignments and transactions than othe kinds of consignments
and commerce.

Email me privately if you're interested and I can send you photocopies of
one or two good articles.

Julia Moore
Indianapolis Art Center

(p.s. I am teaching about contracts in my "business of art" class tomorrow!)

Rick Sherman on thu 17 apr 97

Greg: I don't know what state you live in or if you are close to a
good-sized city, but an excellent resource for information and classes
on contracts and copyright for artists is the Lawyers for the Arts.
This volunteer group provides services and training at very little
cost. They also might be able to provide you sample contracts or
information by phone. The main headquarters is in New York City. The
last phone number I have is 212/319-ARTS. Good luck. RS

Karen Gringhuis on fri 18 apr 97

Greg - You may find help in Wendy Rosen's recent book about marketing of
crafts. The name escapes me but if your local bookstore can't locate it, on fri 18 apr 97

I don't know where you're from, but in many places, there is something like
the Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts. I know we have such a group here in
Seattle, and they publish a standard suggested contract form. I have used it
in dealings with corporate clients, and it is very artist-friendly. They
also, I believe, put out a consignment agreement. Look in the phone book,
and if that doesn't work, call your city, county or state Arts Commission and
ask them if there is such a thing or if they have a sample artists' contract.
You might also get a copy of "The Law in Plain English for Craftspeople" by
Leonard DuBoff, published by Crafts Report Press. I think there's a sample
of what you're looking for in there.
If you do the consignment thing, good luck with it, but my advice is try to
avoid consignment altogether. It's a ridiculous and unbusinesslike system.
Paul Lewing, Seattle