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updated mon 31 mar 97


Dannon Rhudy on sun 16 mar 97

.......original message....

....I truly love pottery, making it, seeing it, and using it ...
also have a great appreciation ... other.. less utilitarian
forms... ...don't find this
to be paradoxical.... each helps to nuture the other...

Richard, et al,

Indeed, each nurtures the other. I've been out of town and not
seeing clayart, but seems from the tag-ends of this discussion
that folks are a bit exercised over Kevin's survey. I did not get
the impression, reading the survey, that he intended it as any
definitive answer(s) to anything, but just wanted input from the
group, this group being the sample (group) available to him.

And nor did I find anything offensive in Richard's earlier
post. Discussion is useful, and when it becomes boring we all
have a delete key and, presumably, the ability to use it. Is
everyone just feeling fractious because it is Spring, or because
in some cases it is not (yet)? Well, have at it. I have my own
delete key.

You of the most interesting things about this list is
that people are undoubtedly more forthright about their opinions
and attitudes than they might be in person. Chit-chat about the
weather and other emphemera is not nearly so prevalent as it tends
to be in face-to-face, I-barely-know-you conversations. I like

Looking forward to NCECA.

Dannon Rhudy