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updated sun 31 mar 96


Claudia O Driscoll on wed 27 mar 96

It is very difficult to formulate a question without knowing the key bit of
information. WHO is this man??
He 'makes art' wherever he goes. He designs with ice out in the
wilderness. He uses dark pools filled with red berries. He builds stone
mounds and weaves branches into long fences. I 'discovered' him
awhile back, and shared his photos with folks here at work. Now none
of us remembers his name!!! That's terrible!
He is not a potter, but his work inspires. Does anyone out there know
who I am talking about?
claudia (

gina m bobrowski on wed 27 mar 96

his name is andy goldsworthy

Paul Morris on wed 27 mar 96

Hello Claudia,
I suspect you are referring to Andy Goldsworthy. His ephemeral
sculptures are indeed inspirational; his works are awe-inspiring!
Is this who you were referring to?
Paul Morris