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art language (longish)piano player

updated wed 30 apr 97


Sherry mcDonald Stewart on tue 29 apr 97

And, furthermore...just what is wrong with, "children?" I am sorry, but
I think you need to forget getting so polished at school, and hang out
with kids more, with the idea that you might actually learn a thing or
two! The problem I see with school is that adults think they have to ,
"teach", kids. That is a really bad attitude and approach! Working with
them, as you would anyone is much more effective! I think about Bernard
Leach, going to Japan to , "teach" the Japanese to paint...well, he was
a thinking man, and saw through that pretense right away, and he learned
instead! You need to go back to the first grade for awhile, and I am not
being anything but, "playful," with you...there are kids in the 1st
Na na na na na I am a clay player, and a child at heart!
Let me recommend a wonderful book if you can find it. It was given me by
an Anthropology prof in school. The name is, Creating Art through Craft,
and is by Erwin Richardson, I believe. I know Richardson is right, could
be Elwyn, look for it! And another book, Children are Artists...don't
have the authors name! Inspiring works!

Sherry mcDonald Stewart on wed 30 apr 97

The book is Experiencing Art through Craft by Elwynn S Richardson