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art in clay, hatfield

updated sat 31 aug 96


JENNY LEWIS on fri 9 aug 96

I was out of the office for a couple of days, one of them thanks to
London Transport and their irritating tube strikes. Just seen John
Lockett's message about going to this ceramics festival, he must be
there today (Friday).

Anyone else in this neck of the woods likely to be there on Sunday,
which is when I hope to be going, probably with another potting
student from my evening class who also lurks on here? (hi Al)

This computer is at my office, so if you could reply to me before
approx 5 pm today, otherwise I won't see it until Monday.

I did think of wearing a Clayart badge, like those friendly folks
across the pond seem to do when they go to gatherings, but I was a
bit worried about being the only one there to do so, and feeling
decidedly foolish.

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