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art - craft ?

updated sat 30 nov 96


Peggy Heer on sun 10 nov 96

Hi All...this discussion is as old as the Rocky Mountians and the views are
always interesting and enlightening.
I think...
An Artist needs to have craftmanship to be a great artist.
A Craftsman needs an artists eye to be a great craftsman.
To me, they coincide.
Here is another sign I have up in my studio...I put this up a yr. ago or
so...(Readers Digest)
When one works with his/her hands = Labourer
When one works with his/her hands and brains = craftsman
When one works with his/her hands, brains nad heart = artist
I am all three roled into one. ;>}}}}}
As Always in Clay Peggy

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Edmonton AB, Canada