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arrowmont exhibition - slides?

updated mon 30 sep 96


LEE on sun 22 sep 96

I just returned from the Utilitarian Clay Conference... in many
ways, better than any NCECA conference. I'll try to review some
of the highlights in a future post (I'm exhausted, just finished
spending 12 hours in a car to get back home).

If you are interested in buying somes slides of the exhibition,
read on, if not...hit the delete key now.

A set of slides documenting the Utilitarian Clay II exhibition
WILL BE available for $53.50 (includes shipping). If interested,
contact them (preferrably BEFORE Oct 1st) at P.O. Box 567,
Gatlinburg, TN 37738 or (423) 436-5860 = phone
or (423) 430-4101 = fax
They are waiting until Oct. first to get the slides duplicated,
so they can do them all in one time. I presume the orders will
be sent out as soon as possible, after duplicating the slides.

The slide set contains one slide from each "presentor" and one slide
from each invited artist, as follows:

Linda Arbuckle
Mary Barringer
George Bowes
Bill Brouillard
Mary Louise Carter
Linda Christianson
Michael Corney
Val Cushing
Frank Fabens
Terry Gess
Silvie Granatelli
Debby Hagar
Mark Hewitt
Sarah Jaeger
Michael Jenson
Gail Kendall
Michael Kline
Gloria Kosco
Elizabeth Lurie
Jeff Oestreich
Lisa Orr
Adelaide Paul
Geoff Pickett
Pete Pinnell
Liz Quackenbush
Diane Rosenmiller
Nicholas Seidner
Ellen Shankin
Michael Simon
Mark Skudlarek
Kevin Snipes
Chris Staley
Sam Taylor
and three slides of the "gallery installations"

(total of 36 slides)

DISCLAIMER: I am in NO WAY affiliated with this (ie. I do not
own any "Arrowmont stocks" and will NOT receive any of this money!)
This will be of interest to Universities and some individuals
and is posted as an EDUCATIONAL opportunity (for you), not
a commercial one (for me).

It was a good exhibition and may be the only opportunity for
you or your students to "see" and study it.

Lee Rexrode