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architectural ceramics workshop

updated sun 18 nov 01 on fri 17 may 96

"Site Specific Architectural Ceramics" workshop, taught by Robert Harrison,
is scheduled for Monday-Friday, June 17-21, 9am-4pm at the Oregon School of
Arts and Crafts in Portland, Oregon. Cost is $310 for no-credit, $360 for 1
credit; studio fee $25. Call Shirl Lipkin at (503) 297-5544 for information
or registration. Deadline to register is June 10.

Collaborate in the construction of an on-site outdoor architectural
sculpture. Participants will explore the concepts of large scale,
site-specific sculpture, working collectively as well as exploring and
reviewing individual ideas. From the initial planning stages, through the
process of construction, you will become familiar with design principles and
a variety of materials.

Robert Harrison received his BFA in ceramics in 1975 from the University of
Manitoba and his MFA in 1981 from the University of Denver. He has directed
ceramics programs both at Gonzaga University and the Banff Arts Center.
Since 1989 Robert has been an independent studio artist, living and working
in Helena, Montana. Robert constructs installations that borrow such
life-size architectural elements as the column, the arch, and the colonnade.
Among his many projects are the Penland Arch at The Penland School, "An Arch
for Santa Fe" on the College of Santa Fe campus, "Early Spiral" at the John
Michael Kohler Arts Center, "Shedway" for Watershed, "Aruina" for Archie
Bray, and "Australian Gateway" for the University of South Australia Museum
of Art.

DOERR, JULIE L. on fri 19 jul 96

Howdy Clayart folks,
Earlier this year a read a post regarding the Architectural Ceramics
workshop conducted by Peter King down in Pensacola, FLA. The author spouted
about how great the workshop was. The workshop sounded interesting,
especially since I had little experience in that area, but I really enjoy
working large. I had a week of vacation to burn, and it fit in my schedule,
so I went. I'm glad I did.

Peter is extremely open about his techniques and materials. His handouts
and slide shows are worth the trip down south, but there was so much more to
the workshop. We built a fireplace, a bar-front, a kitchen table. Peter
demo'd a bathroom sink (with good directions on how to meet code). We also
installed an archway on someone's home (yes, they knew we were doing it
beforehand - "Honey, did you order an archway for the front?"). A very
enjoyable part was touring through Pensacola and seeing his other
installations. His previous customer's were gracious enough to let us into
their homes to see some fireplaces. They even fed us!

I don't know if I've added anything to the previous post, but I wanted to
add my two cents. I think Peter had an article on his workshop in Costa
Rica in the last Ceramics Monthly. I know they have another workshop
coming up in October 6-12th. It is well worth the $, time, and travel. His
staff is great too (and wonderful Java ever present)!

Julie in Jersey - contemplating turning a LARGE barn into a studio.

Janathel M. Shaw on mon 22 jul 96


The workshop sounds like it was a great experience.
Can you supply us with a number to reach him for
the October class?

klay on mon 5 jun 00

Dear Clayarters...
I have been offlist for months. Sure is good to be back :-)
Sharing information on Peter King's a great one.
katie smead

StoneHaus Architectural Ceramics is holding a workshop from June 26 through
July 1. Its a six day workshop where attendees get the hands on approach to
learning Architectural ceramics. Attendees go through the process of making
a large scale ceramics fireplace, all the way to the install of the final
piece. This workshop is held in Pensacola, Florida with Peter King at
StoneHaus Architectural Ceramics Studio. Check Web Site for more info.
or e-mail -, call -(850)438-3273.

Marcia Selsor on sat 17 nov 01

Dear Clayarters,
I have cleaned up my website for the workshop in Italy. For some reason
the photos
had shrunk up to unreadable.

There is a new photo of the della robbia freize at the Hospital in
Pistoia along with a view of entering the Tarot Sculpture garden.
If anyone is interested in registering, I am taking deposits already.
The class is limited to 14.
So, let me know.
We are always improving and correcting from past experiences.
I am going East for Thanksgiving and will be going offline on Tues.
Best wishes,
Marcia Selsor