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apprenticeship positions available

updated fri 28 feb 97


Jinx Goubeaud on wed 5 feb 97

Five years ago we initiated a training system for pottery students. It has
been successful, and is an ongoing process. The practical experience of
working through a complete "pottery cycle" , and then repeating that cycle
throughout the apprenticeship term is basic.
The master potter will collaborate with trainee on the design of a number
of functional "standard ware" pots. The trainee will be guided through the
cycle; from mixing clay bodies, throwing on the wheel, mixing glazes and
decorating, to kiln firing and then selling the ware from their own hand.
Individual style will be encouraged as skills are fine tuned. A written
agreement is entered into for a term of one year: this is renewable.

The apprenticeship is considered a student/trainee position, not a wage
earing or salaried position. An opportunity is provided for the sale of
apprentice standard ware. The Pottery purchases those pots within the
accepted standard for 50% of the sales price. The apprentice is paid on a
monthly basis for sales made that month at the Gallery or at local craft
If you are further interested, please send: 1. a statement of your pottery
goals; 2. your resume, 3. Photos or slides of your work. Printed material
is available that goes into more detail about the apprenticeship(send your
snail mail address).
Questions about details are welcome. Shop hours are Tues. - Sat. , 9 am -
5 pm. central time. Phone#1-615-598-0141, E-Mail:
Peter Goubeaud, Potter. Hallelujah Pottery, P.O.Box 880, Sewanee, Tn.37375,