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antique kilns/anasazi workshop

updated mon 31 mar 97


Jeff Lawrence on wed 26 mar 97

Jeri the scots/irish lass asked about any native firing techniques that crop
The recent arguments for ceramic study have taken their toll. I've decided
to finally take a pottery course: Clint Swink's off-season Mesa Verde short
course. He doesn't have a degree in ceramics, but he does make pots
indistinguishable from those we dig up on weekends from protected parklands
and sell at the flea market. Archeologists seek him out when they come
across pottery-rich sites (maybe to save themselves from further learned
terminological boners like "carbon-painting").

Time is short and schedule is a bit odd: two workshop weekends outside
Durango CO (4/12-4/13, 5/3-5/4) with firing 5/26 in an actual Anasazi kiln
(desecration or burnt offering? choose your own attitude!). Cost: $250.
Includes meals but no lodging. 970-563-4624Native clay practitioners not in
the workshop with "authentic" greenware can fire pots for $10 apiece (ouch!).

Please apply all the usual disclaimers.

And remember, the irish were scholars and poets while the english were still
painting themselves blue.

Jeff Lawrence
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