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another example of blatent self-promotion

updated thu 31 jul 97


Patrick & Lynn Hilferty on tue 8 jul 97

Sports fans-

I'm in the Dorothy Weiss Gallery this month as part of the San Francisco
Art Dealers Association's "Introductions" series. This is my big chance to
be a flash in the pan. Come see what kind of damage going to grad school
can do to one's art! Introduce yourself at the opening on July 12th from
12-5PM and I'll buy you coffee, or at least show you where the Calastoga
water is being served.

Wish me luck.

Patrick Hilferty

P.S. Are my nerves showing?

Patrick Hilferty
Belmont, CA 94002
Web Page:

Karl P. Platt on wed 9 jul 97

Patrick --

Congratulations. I love Dorothy's gallery and it should offer you good
exposure -- at the leas it puts you in league with what I'd call the right
crowd. Any gallery that represents Hank Adams and Jack Earl is aces in my
book. I'm sorry I won't be able to attend the opening -- it's rather far
away for the moment, but I'll wish you the greatest success.

Please give my regards to Dorothy and, if you could, while talking to the
folks there could you find out where Hank is? I've been trying to send him
a FAX for a month and it's semi-important.

Warm Regards,

Karl P. Platt

Heisenberg may have been here......just now.