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announcement - mel's book

updated tue 28 oct 97


Liz Dodge on mon 27 oct 97

Mel - can you share with us the outline of this book? I feel like the power
of Clayart lies in its interactivity, How do you capture that in the book?

Liz in Berkeley

In a message dated 10/26/97 7:01:11 PM, (Mel Jacobson)

Dear Clayarters,

I am in the middle of creating a book. The dedication of the book
is to: `Clayart, the most powerful learning tool ceramics has ever had.`
The proposed title of the book is: `A Potter/Teacher Handbook in the
Electronic Age. (A Studio Companion)

I am hoping to include many of you (perhaps all) in the chapters
ahead. My hope is to find the most important information, about
all phases of the `Ceramic Arts`, and put to rest many of the myths
and misinformation about making pots and related ceramic methods.

I would like `us` to decided on the finest glazes, clay bodies, materials
that are safe, and equipment that will take us into the 2000's.