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ancient clay workshop kudos

updated sat 31 may 97


Roeder on sun 11 may 97

Hello all,

Last summer I attended Vince Pitelka's Ancient Clay workshop in Tennessee.
Vince has just provided an in depth description of the workshop. I thought
I'd put in a few words, too.

This workshop has affected my work in so many ways. It was one of the best
experiences I've had in clay, and has had a lasting impact on many levels.

Vince was gracious, enthusiastic, encouraging, enlightening (enlightened)
and fun to be around! The class was in no way intimidating (I had concerns
about the hand building part, since I'm a wheelie)...quite the opposite.

Although I knew quite a bit about smoke firing, and had used terra sig prior
to the workshop, I learned tons more.

Vince's slides and historical perspective are awsome. This was perhaps one
of the most enriching aspects for me personally.

Oh, then there's ....makin' pots, talking with other clay folk, burnishing,
polishing, building a fire, and yes, chanting around it!

The craft center itself is a wonderful facility, too...the surrounding
countryside gorgeous. My husband went with me on the trip (we stayed at a
cabin near the craft center) and fished and hiked the whole week.

Whether you are considering Vince's workshop in Tennessee or the one in the
Northwest....Do it. You'll have a great time.

Candice Roeder
in Michigan
Candice Roeder
livin' in the Michigan