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ah leon and art

updated sat 31 may 97


Cindy on sat 10 may 97

I haven't seen Ah Leon's bridge except in magazines, but from what I can
see, it's wonderful. Oh, I understand the rationale that it's silly to
spend so much effort trying to make clay look like wood when there's plenty
of perfectly good weather-beaten old bridge wood out there. Tromp l'oile
(I'm sure I spelled that wrong) is supposed to be used when it's too
expensive or impractical to have the real thing, I suppose, but I still
love that bridge, and I'd love to know how he did it.

After having read all the differing opinions of art/craft on this list, I
wouldn't dare say whether the bridge is exemplary craftsmanship or
artistry. I used to think that art consisted of creating beautiful
things--things which needed no other excuse for existence except their
beauty. Like the old masterpieces. Like the bridge. But then, I also
thought well-made and original pottery, exceptional articles of clothing,
beautiful furniture, rare musical instruments, etc., were capable of rising
to the celestial classification of ***Art***.

I guess that's the populist view, the view of the commoner (like me :)),
rather than the intellectual elite. I contend that both views have their
merit and their place. There does not exist one particular class of people
who, because of their trip through the ivory halls and towers, are better
qualified to say what the rest of us should consider worthy of that coveted
label: Art.

Cindy Strnad