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address for workshop info

updated sat 31 may 97


Aileen/Elliott Sperber on fri 30 may 97

I read (I thought) in the last issue of the Ceramics Monthly, an article
(small) about workshop information,for example, who is going to be in
different areas and when etc., available on the net. It included the e-mail
address (which of course is what I am after). It was to help groups to
locate new possibilities for workshops so that they may plan to arrange
another and it sounded like a great idea. I mentioned it at a meeting of
our group shortly after and another member ALSO had seen it. Like all good
groups, when you bring up a suggestion you are then in charge of its direction.

So, I went home and went through the new issue, the last one and since then
every piece of written material that is still current and around. The other
member too went through CM to no avail.

So have we just come up with a great idea, are we hallucinating or is there
someone out there that will certify as to our sanity and provide us with the
where, what, who and when and the net address.


Aileen Sperber
Cape Cod Potters

Paul Lewing on sat 31 may 97

The notice you saw must have been either in the Studio Potter Neytwork
newslwtter, or right here on Clayart. Studio Potter Network is,
indeed, putting together a database file of people who teach
workshops, and another file of places that offer workshops. I am the
SPN Advisor putting this project together, and I would be glad to send
ann application form for either file to you, or to anyone else who
would like to be included. Which form would you like?
Paul Lewing, Seattle,
where the rain is definitely warmer these days, which is good, because
we were really getting sick of cold rain.